About A.L. Smith


A.L. Smith is one of two partners here at Smith & Stuczynski Wealth Advisors.  His professional experience began in May of 1983 after graduating with a B.S. degree from Indiana State University.  Upon graduation, he immediately went to work for his late father's CPA firm.  In order to earn a Certfiied Public Accountant's designation, one must pass the exam and practice for three years under the tutelage of a CPA, and he was blessed to be able to work with his dad for seven years until his retirement, at which time, A.L. took over the accounting firm as owner.  

Upon passing his CPA milestone, A.L. earned a specialty designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Acccountants entitled PFS (Personal Financial Specialist).  A.L. soon found that financial advisory services went hand-in-hand with the tax work he was performing as a CPA.  This inevitable relationship flourished and led to the creation of a financial firm; then named A2 Wealth Management.

These two disciplines have combined to give A.L. a much more comprehenesive and top-down view of financial planning.  Since tax is such an integral part of any planning engagement, A.L.'s 30 years of experience in tax works helps guide his clients through the maze of tax law that can have a powerful effect on even the most financially sophisticated clients.  A.L. provides clients with both tax and financial advice and assistance.  Along with Sean Stuczynski, Smith & Stuczynski Wealth Advisors was born.

In his free time, A.L. serves on the Board of Directors at the Indiana Soccer Association.  He enjoys spending time with his family and living an active lifestyle.  On the weekends, you can find A.L. on the golf course, exploring downtown Indianapolis, or spoiling his granddaughter.